Please be aware that for the 2016 cohort we made the moral decision to allow students to take 'best entry'. This means that students were allowed to take examinations more than once, and the grades below reflect this.

Summary of Our Response to the Validated Inspection Dashboard Using or BEST Results 2016

All the student groups in green achieved results above national average and the groups in pink are part of our drive for continued improvement

Follow this link to the government school performance comparison website


Well done to all students who completed their GCSEs this year,

with special recognition to the following high achievers:

Ellen Sweeney:  10 A / A* grades (including 8 A*)

Emma Arrindell: 9  A / A* grades (including 4 A*)

Caitlin Dominy-Lewis:   10 A / A* grades (including 3 A*)

Caitlin Moriarty 9:  A / A* grades

Alexandra Perryman: 8   A / A* grades


2015 High Achievers: 

Beth Evans:    10 A / A* grades (including 6 A*)

Neena Jamal:    10 A / A* grades (including 4 A*)

Aqueilah Khan:    11 A / A* grades (including 8 A*)

Eryk Loroch:    12 A / A* grades (including 6 A*)

Lola Tijani:    10 A / A* grades (including 4 A*)


Lea Manor High School Leavers' Destinations for 2016