The History department at Lea Manor High School has a long standing reputation for delivering high quality teaching and expecting the highest standards both from staff within the department and students.

 The department currently consists of 3 full time teachers all of whom have earned a deserved reputation for delivering excellent lessons that use a range of teaching and learning strategies to address the needs of all learners in the classroom. Members of staff pride themselves on their ability to develop good relationships with their students and in creating an atmosphere in their classroom in which students feel both supported and challenged.

Members of staff are well respected within the school community and History is a very popular subject at Key stage 3 and there is a large uptake for History at Key Stage 4. Staff are regularly available after school to help all students with any issues regarding History. Students feel confident in approaching members of staff for help and the excellent attendance at History year 11 study plus sessions shows that students feel that they gain a lot from this extra support.

The History curriculum at Lea Manor High School follows a chronological approach with students studying a range of topics from the National Curriculum as well as topics that are relevant to their own cultural and personal backgrounds.

Year 7

Students start by looking at ‘What is History?’ before moving on to study the Norman conquest , England in the Middle Ages and the Struggle for Power between King and Parliament.

Year 8

Students are asked to evaluate the relative merits of the British Empire before going on to look at the history and effects of immigration on Britain. Finally, they examine a range of topics linked to aspects of Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries including the Industrial Revolution.

Year 9

Students study 20th century world history concluding with a modern day study on the rise of terrorism in the modern world.


The current GCSE course follows Edexcel and students study Medicine through Time, the Transformation of Surgery, and life in Nazi Germany.  The Troubles in Northern Ireland is the last topic and this is the focus for their controlled assessment.


Throughout their time studying History a strong focus is placed on helping students improve their literacy skills and fostering a degree of maturity and self-confidence that will help in their overall development.