Lea Manor and 'First Give' make a difference!

Luton’s youth give back to society

First Give and Lea Manor High School have joined together to help young people give back to their communities and speak out for causes they believe in.

The whole of Year 8 at Lea Manor High School took part in the First Give programme, where students investigated social issues and met with local charities that address those issues in their community. The students then made professional presentations about their chosen charity and competed with each other in a public speaking competition to win grants for their charities.

32 Year 8 finalists took part in the School Final event at Lea Manor High School on Wednesday the 29th of March where pupils at the school won grants totalling £1,500 for charities in their local area. It was a truly special night where 7 teams delivered outstanding professional and emotive presentations to a room full of parents, charities and a panel of judges.

Cancer Research UK came away with £1,000 after a heartfelt and powerful presentation which included the teams’ personal experience with cancer. The students expressed that they’ll continue to fight against cancer regardless of the result of the competition.

Scope received £250 after an emotive performance and Keech Hospice Care also won £250 after a strong and humorous presentation.  

mayor FG.jpg

A student from the team representing Keech Hospice Care said: “First Give inspired us to go forward and do more with charities, because you don’t actually realise the difference you can make.”

The Mayor of Luton, who judged the event, said: “It was very exciting and interesting to see young people with such passion and commitment for these charities. First Give gives young people a voice and contributes to social justice and fairness.”

Amanda Simpson, the Headteacher at Lea Manor High School said: “First Give has inspired our students to be empowered and to go out there and make a difference- we’re HUGELY proud of our students!”

Lea Manor High School is one of 140 Greater London schools taking part in the First Give programme this academic year, meaning that over £200,000 will be won for local charities by local children all over the Greater London area.

Press contact: 

Maxi Panayi

Community Engagement and Communications Officer

First Give  

JHub, Haskell House, 152 West End Lane, London, NW6 1SD  

0207 443 5169

Red Nose Day at Lea Manor!

Last Friday, Lea Manor staff and students supported the Red Nose Day Appeal 2017 with a dress down day and a focus on laughter!

Over £687 was raised by the generation donations from staff and students; well done to everyone who participated!

Staff and students were encouraged to submit their funniest jokes to ensure that we all "make our laughter matter". Thank you to everyone who entered. 

Please enjoy the results below: 

I went to a really emotional wedding the other day...
Even the cake was in tiers! (Ms Laura)

I really want a job as a mirror cleaner. It's something I can see myself doing. (Mr Faherty)

Year 9 Trip to the National Apprenticeship Show

National Apprenticeship Show Visit – 13th March 2017

Students in year 9 who had expressed an interest in finding out more about apprenticeships were invited to attend the National Apprenticeship Show. The event is the largest of its kind in the UK and over 50 exhibitors were on hand to offer their expertise and guidance to our students. This is the second year we have attended at the Milton Keynes Stadium Arena and the event was a great success.

Here’s what our students had to stay:

“I would now consider an apprenticeship when I leave Lea Manor as a result of today – I’ve gained lots of knowledge” Stirling

“The information I found out made the idea of an apprenticeship more appealing” Cerys

“I’m now interested in mechanical engineering as a result of today’s visit” Fahad

Year 11 English Literature 'Inspector Calls' Trip

On Friday the 3rd March, a group of thirty excited Year 11 students, and three intrigued staff members, went to see the Stephen Daldry production of An Inspector Calls at the Playhouse Theatre, in London.  

As a play studied for their GCSE English Literature course, the students were keen to see how it would be adapted for the stage production: they were not disappointed! With thrills, high drama and lashings of tension, the students were glued to their seats and utterly enthralled by the production. 

Celebrating World Book Day at Lea Manor High School!

To celebrate World Book Day 2017, our fantastic librarian Mrs Hale held a competition for staff and students to 'Design a book cover that sums up your personality, life or book idea'. Having assessed the amazing artwork of all of the entries, the final winners were announced: 

Student Winner - Bethany - Year 7
Staff Winner - Miss Hailes

Bethany's book cover is entitled 'Peace vs War', a story about a girl called Bathany, whose life is not all roses and daffodils; Miss Hailes book is entitled 'Karma Drama'. Also worthy of a mention were the excellent entries from Ms Bloom and Ms Streetem-Smith.

Thank you to all of the staff and students who entered!

Anti-Bullying Champions Training!

On Saturday 18th March forty students from across all year groups came to school to take part in the first training session for our new Anti-Bullying Champions.  All students were there because they want to make a difference to their school community and support those who are either being bullied or experiencing a difficult time.

The training was led by Mr Gould and he was ably supported by Mr Gregory and a number of Year 11 prefects.  The training session looked what bullying was, the types of bullying, the school’s anti-bullying policy and what the group can do to support and help members of the school community.

Anti-bullying champions looked at the importance of listening and how your use of language and body language will show someone you are taking them seriously and are here to support them.  The group discussed what the 7 features of an outstanding anti-bullying champion should be and they drew up a list of dos and don’ts when supporting another student.  All attendees were given a copy of the anti-bullying policy and a child friendly version to study and get to know.

Finally, we discussed what we want to do in the future to help support others.  Ideas which will be put into place between now and the end of the summer term include:

·       Regular meetings to monitor progress and coordinate the team’s work

·       Making an anti-bullying film

·       Organise and deliver an anti-bullying and kindness day

·       Organise peer mediation and support training for the anti-bullying champions

·       Deliver anti-bullying assemblies to their year group

·       Speak to their form on a weekly basis about kindness and how to get support/help

·       Have an involvement in this summer’s Love and Tolerance week

·       Organise two quiet rooms for students needing support and quiet during lunch times

·       Develop a student referral form that anti-bullying champions fill in and pass to their senior tutor

Everyone who attended was completely committed to supporting others and ensuring that everyone feels part of the Lea Manor community, cared for and safe.  It was a positive and life affirming three and a half hours which demonstrated the amazing young people we have at Lea Manor.

Our next meeting will be in the first week of the summer term.  If you would like to contribute to this group please contact Mr Gould through his email at goulda@leamanor.luton.sch.uk.  We are very happy to hear from parents and members of our local community who would like to join us.

For more information and advice about bullying, including our policies please follow the safeguarding links where you will find the anti-bullying page http://www.leamanorhighschool.org.uk/anti-bullying/


Looking @ Learning Year 8 English

Students in Year 8 have been demonstrating their understanding of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in creative ways by developing their own quizzes, board games and interactive experiences.

Ms Higgins' class have created fantastic ways of testing their peers' knowledge of key quotes, characters and plot points and have enjoyed using their imagination to approach the task. 

Their stunning work has been put on display in the classroom, after being enjoyed of course!

Well done, Year 8!

Secure and Boost Classes for Year 11

Secure and Boost classes for year 11 students during the Easter Holidays


Monday 3rd  April             10-3pm    Science

Tuesday 4th  April                10-3pm    Science 

Wednesday 5th April           9-2pm      Music 

Thursday 6th April               10-3 pm  Philosophy and Ethics

Friday 7th April                     10-3 pm Philosophy and Ethics


Monday 10th April               10-2pm     English 

Tuesday 11th  April              10-2pm     English 

Wednesday 12th April         9-2pm       Music 

Lea Manor Football Team updates

Well done to all team members that took part!

Year 7 Boys Football
LMHS 6-1 Stopsley
LMHS 4-1 Putteridge
LMHS 8-0 Denbigh
LMHS 2-1 Lealands
LMHS 2-3 Cardinal Newman. 

Year 8 Boys Football
LMHS 2-2 Stopsley
LMHS 9 - 1 Stockwood Park Academy 

Year 9 Boys Football
LMHS 3-4 Denbigh
LMHS 2 - 7 Cardinal Newman 

Year 10 Boys Football
LMHS 1 - 4 Stopsley
LMHS 3- 1 Cardinal Newman
LMHS 1 - 3 Stockwood Park Academy .