Ready Respectful Safe at Lea Manor..

Recognition boards are appearing around school.. and every lesson students are being recognised for achievement, effort and contributions to lessons.

Lea Manor will be announcing high achievers and students achieving recognition for being Ready, Respectful and Safe as part of their school day.

Below is the table for high achievers from the Spring Term, congratulations to all listed students.

Student names highlighted in yellow have appeared on the table more than once. We look forward to seeing many more highlighted names!

Keep an eye on the website for further details..

After Half term there will be a new set of Instant Recognition cards and postcards to collect. These are either given direct to students or posted home and they are a record for the student to keep.


Teachers give 'Instant Recognition' cards to students at any time throughout the school day, and after school staff are telephoning parents with positive news on success and good behaviour.

So.. keep up the good effort and keep an eye on the postbox!

Year 8 DT students Look @ Learning

Year 8 students are hard at work realising their clock designs, ideas they have been putting together for several weeks. The group are carefully preparing all the different facets of the piece before assembly when all parts are ready. 

The whole process is being documented as part of the assessment for this project, we look forward to seeing a room full of timepieces very soon!

Looking @ Learning: GCSE Year 10 Art project

Year 10 students have been producing some amazing portfolio work in preparation for the repeat print projects. Using fruits, vegetables, seedpods and other natural forms as stimulus, students have prepared the lino blocks which will be used to create their prints. 

The level of precision and skill shows the commitment of the students and their desire for excellent final outcomes. We look forward to seeing the next stage of their hard work!

Key Dates

February Half Term: Monday 13th February- Friday 16th February

Return to school: Monday 20th February

Year 9 Pathways Evening: Thursday 23rd February

Year 10 and Year 11 Progress Exams: Monday 20th February-Friday 10th March

Spring Term Parent Information Evening: Tuesday 28th February

Year 8 Parents' Evening: Thursday 2nd March

World Book Day: Thursday 2nd March

Parent Forum: Thursday 16th March

Year 9 Parents' Evening: Thursday 23rd March

Year 9 Pathways deadline: Friday 24th March

KS4 Careers Convention

On November 17th, we opened our doors to a number of further education establishments and career providers from across the county. This year’s event was the biggest we’ve ever hosted, with 24 providers offering our students advice and guidance across a wide range of sectors. 
The organisations in attendance included:

Luton 6th Form College                             Solveway Academy
Cardinal Newman 6th Form                       Leonardo
Barnfield College                                        Interserve
Careers Service                                          CITB
Central Beds College                                 NCS
Oaklands College                                       University of Bedfordshire
Bedford College                                         Vauxhall Motors
LBC Apprenticeship Programme               Tokko Youth Services
L & D Hospital                                             Luton Adult Learning
Armed Forces                                             Police
DJ Academy                                               Jobcentre Plus
Central Beds UTC                                       Shuttleworth College

In total, 200 students and their families attended the event and the organisers were extremely impressed with the range of questions from our students and their inquisitive nature in wanting to find out more.

Some of the individual comments we received from providers included:
“A brilliant event! The students and parents were so engaged and the fayre was very well-organised.”

“Excellent attendance, enthusiastic pupils with lots of relevant questions.”

We would like to thank all who made this event so successful and look forward to making next year’s careers event even more successful. 

Lunch with the Mayor!

Last week Lea Manor High school opened its very own 'Pop Up' restaurant 'The Manor' and our Year 11 students served a delicious menu of their own design, to guests including The Mayor of Luton and several local business people. 

The feedback was very positive with most guests saying "see you for lunch tomorrow?" as they headed home. Thank you to all those who attended and the wonderful feedback the students received via email and twitter.

We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the students who so kindly prepared lunch for us last week. All courses were delicious, and the service we received was great. We unanimously agreed that desert was our favourite course – all three puds were delicious, especially the cheesecake. We know how stressful it is preparing a meal for so many guests, but this didn’t show at all. Well done – we hope that your efforts paid off and you all received a really good assessment score – you certainly deserved it”. You know where we are next year!!
— Lorraine Mc Mullen, Keepmoat Ltd

Well done to all the students in both groups.. Next step Masterchef?

Lea Manor High School Luton Foodbank Appeal

The 2016 Luton Foodbank appeal has been a resounding success at Lea Manor High School!

Following on from assemblies raising awareness of food banks and the local community project for Luton residence, students and staff have made hugely generous donations of Christmas bags (donated to Luton Foodbank in time for recipients to receive a Christmas treat) and the Advent Calendar appeal held in form groups to collect a variety of essentials for families in difficulty.

Over 650 items have been donated in total which will make a huge difference to those in need in Luton.

A heartfelt thanks to all of those who got involved with the charity appeal.