Anti-Bullying Champions Training!

On Saturday 18th March forty students from across all year groups came to school to take part in the first training session for our new Anti-Bullying Champions.  All students were there because they want to make a difference to their school community and support those who are either being bullied or experiencing a difficult time.

The training was led by Mr Gould and he was ably supported by Mr Gregory and a number of Year 11 prefects.  The training session looked what bullying was, the types of bullying, the school’s anti-bullying policy and what the group can do to support and help members of the school community.

Anti-bullying champions looked at the importance of listening and how your use of language and body language will show someone you are taking them seriously and are here to support them.  The group discussed what the 7 features of an outstanding anti-bullying champion should be and they drew up a list of dos and don’ts when supporting another student.  All attendees were given a copy of the anti-bullying policy and a child friendly version to study and get to know.

Finally, we discussed what we want to do in the future to help support others.  Ideas which will be put into place between now and the end of the summer term include:

·       Regular meetings to monitor progress and coordinate the team’s work

·       Making an anti-bullying film

·       Organise and deliver an anti-bullying and kindness day

·       Organise peer mediation and support training for the anti-bullying champions

·       Deliver anti-bullying assemblies to their year group

·       Speak to their form on a weekly basis about kindness and how to get support/help

·       Have an involvement in this summer’s Love and Tolerance week

·       Organise two quiet rooms for students needing support and quiet during lunch times

·       Develop a student referral form that anti-bullying champions fill in and pass to their senior tutor

Everyone who attended was completely committed to supporting others and ensuring that everyone feels part of the Lea Manor community, cared for and safe.  It was a positive and life affirming three and a half hours which demonstrated the amazing young people we have at Lea Manor.

Our next meeting will be in the first week of the summer term.  If you would like to contribute to this group please contact Mr Gould through his email at  We are very happy to hear from parents and members of our local community who would like to join us.

For more information and advice about bullying, including our policies please follow the safeguarding links where you will find the anti-bullying page


Secure and Boost Classes for Year 11

Secure and Boost classes for year 11 students during the Easter Holidays


Monday 3rd  April             10-3pm    Science

Tuesday 4th  April                10-3pm    Science 

Wednesday 5th April           9-2pm      Music 

Thursday 6th April               10-3 pm  Philosophy and Ethics

Friday 7th April                     10-3 pm Philosophy and Ethics


Monday 10th April               10-2pm     English 

Tuesday 11th  April              10-2pm     English 

Wednesday 12th April         9-2pm       Music 

Red Nose Day Friday 24th March

Details on charity fundraising for Red Nose Day:


  • Students and staff are invited to wear jeans and their own choice of footwear
  • Donations of £1 to be paid on the day
  • Rest of their school uniform to be as usual
  • Prefects will collect the money on Friday morning
  • Year 7 form tutors: please collect your tutees payments as they enter assembly
  • Competition for the best jokes: slips will be in tutor wallets and will also be collected on Friday by prefects

If you would like anymore information, please do get in touch!


Friday 24th March is National Red Nose Day which is a UK-wide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years. Red Nose Day unites the entire nation in trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people across Africa and the UK who are facing terrible injustice or living in desperate poverty.

This year, Lea Manor students and staff are invited to support this worthwhile cause by attending school in their jeans and footwear of choice. (Please note: remaining uniform should be worn.) We would ask that all students participating make a £1 donation which will be collected by the prefect team during form time. 

In addition to this and in support of this year’s theme “who’s up for a laugh?” students are also advised to write their best joke and submit it to the Red Nose Day Laughter competition; the best jokes will be published in the next Lea Manor Newsletter. 

Students who do not wish to participate should attend in full school uniform.

A letter from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer

I wish to inform you of my decision to resign from my post as Headteacher at the end of this academic year.  You may be aware that I have a weekly commute of 100 miles and have been living away from home during the school week.  After a lengthy period it is time for me to return home.

The Governing Body are in the process of recruiting my successor and I will keep you updated as that appointment occurs.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Simpson


Ready Respectful Safe at Lea Manor..

Recognition boards are appearing around school.. and every lesson students are being recognised for achievement, effort and contributions to lessons.

Lea Manor will be announcing high achievers and students achieving recognition for being Ready, Respectful and Safe as part of their school day.

Below is the table for high achievers from the Spring Term, congratulations to all listed students.

Student names highlighted in yellow have appeared on the table more than once. We look forward to seeing many more highlighted names!

Keep an eye on the website for further details..

After Half term there will be a new set of Instant Recognition cards and postcards to collect. These are either given direct to students or posted home and they are a record for the student to keep.


Teachers give 'Instant Recognition' cards to students at any time throughout the school day, and after school staff are telephoning parents with positive news on success and good behaviour.

So.. keep up the good effort and keep an eye on the postbox!

Year 8 DT students Look @ Learning

Year 8 students are hard at work realising their clock designs, ideas they have been putting together for several weeks. The group are carefully preparing all the different facets of the piece before assembly when all parts are ready. 

The whole process is being documented as part of the assessment for this project, we look forward to seeing a room full of timepieces very soon!

Looking @ Learning: GCSE Year 10 Art project

Year 10 students have been producing some amazing portfolio work in preparation for the repeat print projects. Using fruits, vegetables, seedpods and other natural forms as stimulus, students have prepared the lino blocks which will be used to create their prints. 

The level of precision and skill shows the commitment of the students and their desire for excellent final outcomes. We look forward to seeing the next stage of their hard work!

CPD event and Open Evening!

Lea Manor High School are delighted to be hosting a fantastic CPD opportunity for teachers on Monday 27th February. Highly regarded authors and experts on all things education, Gary Toward and Chris Henley, will be delivering a session on how to be a brilliant teacher with hints and tips taken from their book of the same name. Visiting teachers will also get the opportunity to look around the Lea Manor facilities and talk to our staff about available positions at the school. 

If you are interested in registering for the event, please direct your enquiries to Brett Coventry at Hays Recruitment (details above)