The Mayor visits Lea Manor!

What will you be? Lea Manor High School Art competition winners!

Last year Year 5 students from primary schools across Luton entered an art competition organised by Lea Manor High School. The challenge for year 5 budding artists was to draw a picture of themselves, showing what they would like to be in the future. 

Hundreds of entries were sent in and the work was of a very high standard, ambitions ranging from ballet dancers and film directors to pilots and explorers. The quality of the work was so high that the jury were torn between two artworks and they decided to award a joint first prize to two students. The winners were Shupi Ahmed from Beechwood primary school and Dominic Paul from Icknield  Primary school.

Both schools won a day working with Kirsten Jones, the Lea Manor High School Artist in Residence. Kirsten worked with the primary schools to create a large scale group artwork with the whole year group. Over 100 students from each school took part and the theme was ‘The history of Luton’. Students chose an aspect of the town, either places of natural interest, favourite activities, historical events or the rich cultural diversity of our town.

Every student created a painted and collaged canvas and the two final group works were exhibited at Lea Manor High School. The Mayor attended the exhibition and presented the pieces to Icknield Primary school and Beechwood Primary school.

The mayor cut the stripey ribbon on each piece and met some of the students involved. He said “ It is a pleasure to present these pieces and Visit Lea Manor High school” He spotted a piece depicting Wardown bridge and told a story of its recent renovation when he re-opened the bridge.

The competition is running again this year for year 5 students. further details are available from the website