All About Me: Year 7 Project Winners

Ms Lloyd- Hepden was pleased to announce the winners of the year 7 ‘All About Me’ projects. All of the students who took part put a great deal of time and effort into their projects and the results were impressive. The year 7 team were particularly amazed by the creativity and presentation skills of the completed pieces. As you can imagine, it was a challenging task to decide on the winning entries, however, each of those selected deserved the prizes that were given.

7L – Ben Parks – his writing and use of expressive language made for an interesting read.

7I – Katie Deane – Insightful reflective answers with illustrations.

7M – Scott Herbert – a wonderful illustration and thoughtful answers to the questions posed.

7H – Kainat Amir – a carefully planned and illustrated ‘All About Me’ booklet.

7E – Austeja Sinkunaite – in depth reflection shown within the booklet

7S – Armaan Khan – able to express feelings about what makes him happy showing full regard for          others.

7A – Chloe Rogers-Williams – Great attention to detail, especially the illustrations included.

7C – Max Thoulass – Analytical and considerate answers given.

The year 7 team found one ‘All About Me’ project that stood out from the rest for originality, personalised illustrations, thoughtful and methodical answers, along with a lot of time and effort taken to complete; the overall winner was Lesley Ndjana, 7M.

Well done to all the entries and look out for the next Year 7 competition.