Great Ormond Street Fund Raising Event

Staff and students at Lea Manor were treated to scrumptious baked goods and cakes as a Year 8 students organised a charity event to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Saskia, with support from the Humanities team, arranged the event to coincide with the National fundraising campaign for the children's charity 'Bake it Better' and a similar event that was being hosted by a local school, Bramingham Primary School and promoted by Saskia's mum.

Saskia was eager to support the Children's Hospital as her younger brother had received excellent treatment there including a kidney operation and two operations on his skull.

On the day of the event, Saskia raised over £70 for a fantastic cause and shared her achievement in assembly with her year group. 

In the future, Saskia hopes to make the 'Bake it Better' fundraiser for Great Ormond Street an annual event and continue supporting the excellent work that goes on at the Hospital.

On behalf of Saskia, a huge thank you to the staff and students who supported the event.