Year 7 STEM Club

The Technology team have started the Year 7 STEM club amidst much excitement this half term! 

Mr Campbell, supported by Year 9 STEM Champion Arnoldas Lilis, have been working in groups to begin their Lego Mind Storm Robots. 

The teams have been constructing their STEM projects very carefully; firstly, students constructed the motor and wheels as the base of their models. After this, students were required to assemble the frame and most recently, the teams have been considering the application of the USB controls. 

We spoke to the students who said that the project so far had been "challenging, but fun". All of the students were in agreement that trying new things and taking their learning further had been a great opportunity and the driving force behind their decision to join the STEM group, 

We look forward to seeing how the projects develop and how well the students follow the success of last year's Rampaging Chariots!

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