Year 7 Kick Boxing Champion

Year 7 have a world class athlete in their midst: The Mighty Mikhail! 

Mikhail has been kickboxing with his younger brothers since he was nine years old and has been able to compete in competitions and tournaments over the last eighteen months. In this short period of time, he has won an unprecedented number of domestic and international bouts. Currently, Mikhail holds five British titles and two World Championship Gold Medals from Spain. 

Mikhail practices, trains and competes with his younger brothers, Kaamil, Kumel and Rayan. Amongst the four boys, they currently hold 12 British Titles and they have received over four hundred and fifty trophies and medals

In addition to ensuring that he is prepared and ready for his own competitions, he also helps to train other young people who are interested in the sport at the Ultimate Athlete Gym. Mikhail is not just a great role model to his younger brothers, who are very much inspired by him, he has also used his talent to train other young people in the community, helping them with confidence, fitness and self-control.


In his most recent contest, Mikhail competed in a knockout style tournament for KWON and took first prize and a magnificent belt! Mikhail described the experience as a "real show" and the excitement and the buzz was amazing as he competed in a real ring. 

The fantastic kickboxer Mikhail has been offered an opportunity in 2016 to compete for the Commonwealth title for his age range and the possibility to compete for another international title is being discussed. 

We look forward to hearing more about Mikail's successes.