Civil Service Trip

On Thursday 2nd July, a group of year 9 and 10 students were given the opportunity to attend a civil service resourcing workshop in London.

The students had a very enjoyable and informative day. They explored what the civil service is and what services they provide. The sessions gave them an idea of job opportunities available in the civil service and they learnt about the many different routes into these roles. 

Lea Manor students represented the school incredibly well as expected; they were presented themselves and their ideas professionally and they fully participated in every event. Ian Barton, the facilitator and a deputy director, commented on how well they participated and what great ideas they come up with.

The students involved included: Lewis Adamson, Anisah Khan, Jessica Lindsay, Matilda Martin, Eloise McCready, Zinal Patel, Kian Vickery, Holly Sarginson, Lorell Scott, Tereal Service Johnson.

Mr Rowe and Ms Pitcher