Hampton Court

Hampton Court

Y7 Visit to Hampton Court

Year 7 students enjoyed a visit to Hampton court with the Humanities department this week to explore the lost palace.

Hampton Court was fantastic. My favourite part was when we went into the main court and there were three people; one dressed in an old maid gown and the others dressed in posh clothes. One man started to sing and as the party started to move, the woman beckoned us to follow. We followed the woman and the two men up a marble staircase. The man who was singing went away. The two remaining started to perform a short play. I can remember the man, John Gay, calling the lady Henrietta Silky over and over again… she didn’t like the name!

The trip was amazing, I would recommend Hampton Court for a future trip.
Saskia Lawrence 7C

My group, the blue group, were working together to answer questions when two men and a woman walked through and told us to go with them. We went along and they did an amazing play. The woman had an old fashioned dress and the men, old fashioned clothes too. They showed us how the women were treated in those days. It was amazing, I learned how people worked and behaved in those days.
Maisie Mocarska 7C

“In the kitchens, we saw the hard work and effort put into preparing beef over a 900c fire, slowly turning the meat with their bare hands on the metal rod  ! Up close, the fire was intense; our eyes watered and we could only imagine what it was like for the ‘commoners’ who had to prepare the food.  All for beef that they didn’t even get to eat!
Kathryn Sweeney 7C

The first thing we did was the role play. A man came in all dressed up as how they would back then, he started to talk about how the Queen was ill and might die. We all needed to make a judgement about who the new Queen would be. We got split into groups; Germany, England, France and Spain. We needed to express what we would feel about getting a new queen. This helped my learning because we got involved with what the topic in a really active way. He let us have main roles to show who the important people were in the decision making.
Chloe Cook 7C