Duke of Edinburgh Trip

The year 10 Duke of Edinburgh students set off on an adventure around Tilbrook (Cambridgeshire) for a 4 hour walk. 

Students were advised to bring all equipment which they would need on their expedition assessment. All of the students took the advice on board, with some students carrying rather than attaching their sleeping bag. This was a huge learning curve for students as those who turned up with a small rucksack and a pair of trainers soon knew why they were advised to bring the correct equipment!

The students set off in groups of 5-7 with 2 members of staff per group to supervise. All groups did really well in an environment which some have never experienced. All students were supervised but not told the direction as to where they were supposed to go, meaning at some point on the adventure, all groups took a detour!

All groups were back at camp by 7pm and working within their groups. Tents were organised and pitched within 20 minutes. Students started cooking food (Pot Noodles included!) and the majority enjoyed an experience which they had not faced before. The camp fires were soon lit and marshmallows were on the go. 

DOE 3.jpg

Rounders, football and Frisbee games were played and enjoyed by both students and staff.

After a night full of stories, laughs and sneezing (yes, hayfever was terrible for many campers) almost everyone was up by 7am the following day - ready for more fun and games and breakfast before the journey back home. Bacon baps were on offer for breakfast and enjoyed by all.

The following students were a pleasure to take and a credit to the school:

Annabel Davis
Emma Arrindell
Josh Robinson
Romina Razzaghi
Marianna Christou-Forde
Ellen Sweeney
Katie Leyden
Caitlin Dominy-Lewis
Rhys Lewis
Cailtin Mason
Kyle Walls
Adam Clarke
James Parks
Naeema Siddique
Peter Fox
Bethany White
Alexandra Perryman
Carys Eliot

Also, a big 'THANK YOU' to all the members of staff who made the trip successful.

Mr Gregory