International Literacy Day at Lea Manor

Students at Lea Manor High School were welcomed back to academic life this week by exploring ideas around reading and in co-ordination with assemblies looking at International Literacy Day which took place on Tuesday, 8th September. 

All year groups examined the national and international statistics about illiteracy and the causes of this. Emma Arrindell, Head Girl and a member of the year 11 Literacy team, supported in delivering the assembly and spoke passionately about this week's 'Thought for the Week', sharing Kofi Anan's speech 'Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope'. Annabel Davis, Deputy Head Girl, also addressed students about issues surrounding female illiteracy and access to education. 

In addition to the assemblies, the year 11 Literacy Prefect Team launched their morning reading sessions with year 7 and year 8 students. Each student was assigned a prefect who will support them in developing key reading skills, exploring the facilities in the library and using the Accelerated Reading Programme. 

Mr Gregson, Lea Manor librarian, said "It was fantastic to see so many students in the library sharing and discussing their reading."

All form groups went on to discuss 'Literacy Thunks': questions which promote lateral thinking and help students to look at the world in a whole new light. The responses have been incredibly interesting and will be displayed in the atrium for all students to see.