Footwear at Lea Manor

Dear Families

As winter finally seems to have appeared a timely reminder for adverse weather conditions is appropriate.  In the event of significant snow please consult the school website for the most up to date information.  In the event of a school closure a text will be sent out to parents.  Therefore please ensure we have a mobile number for you.

Since we have returned after Christmas holidays we have been experiencing some uniform abnormalities.  We are very proud of our school uniform and students wearing this with pride.  I have had many compliments from the community and visitors to school on how smart our students look. 

I do have some reminders I would like to raise about our expectations.  Students need to wear suitable school shoes at all times.  These must be of a leather look and not made of any other material in particular canvas.  Trainers are not permitted for any reason.  If families have financial issues we are in a position to offer a school shoes voucher to the value of £15.00.  Please discuss this with your child’s Senior Tutor.

This is the extract from behaviour policy and an example on footwear:

Black shoes of a comfortable, strong design which will be safe in practical lessons. Boots are not to be worn. Shoes must be of leather look; no canvas or soft fabric shoes to be worn.

May I remind all students that we do not allow any form of body piercing.  Students will need to remove these piercings immediately or go into isolation until it is removed.  Mobile phones and earphones are banned items from school, do not bring them in and if seen by staff these will be confiscated.

School trousers for girls must not be skinny by design.  If in doubt Prestige our uniform supplier can provide trousers of a suitable design.  Increasingly we are having a number of issues with acrylic / gel nails please ensure that all nail varnish/ false nails are removed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank families for supporting the uniform policy as it makes a huge difference to our expectations and ethos.  Tutor rooms are open at 8.20am for students to discuss any issues with their form tutors and senior tutors will visit their form rooms on a regular basis checking uniform and planners.

Year 11 parents/carers will be aware of what a crucial time this is for their child.  Staff and students are working exceptionally hard to ensure success in the summer exams.  It is year 11 parents evening on the 28th January and your attendance to this is vital.  Please ensure you have booked your appointments via the online booking system.  In order to support year 11 in their exam preparation a study skills day will be delivered on the 27th January. 

Amanda Simpson

Acceptable shoes