Creative Writing Champion: Sabrine 7E

Students in Year 7 have been working on narrative writing. Using the class novel 'Raven's Gate' by Anthony Horowitz as a stimulus, students were required to construct a piece of narrative exploring an adventure in an abandoned building. Students were required to use the full range of punctuation, sentence structures and to carefully consider their use of  verbs and adjectives to create particular effects.

Sabrine's short story 'The Possession' was a fine example of how to incorporate all of the features in a piece of narrative that reflected her current skills.

We look forward to seeing more of our year 7's creative writing skills.

The Possession    

Hiking - what's better? Coming across an ancient house (in a williwaw) is like coming across a precious artifact worth a fortune. The mysterious back-stories fantasize me. But this particular residence gave me a feeling I could not describe, something I have never felt before.

Circling the house, I found an entry- the roof was snug in the blanket of moss it was enveloped in. Boards nailed in the wall stressed the message'DANGER AHEAD...KEEP OUT!'. Wooden stands and stones collapsed into rubble, like an avalanche. But nothing could break down my spirits in the same way the graves did. Vandalized headstones guarded the house, some used as a pathway to the netherworld. My hair stood on end, similar to the way in which a soldier would salute to their officer. Overestimating my bravery, I ambled my way to the new beginning. Little did I know that this 'new beginning' would shortly come to an end...

Silence. Nothing but agonizing, undying silence pierced through the musty air, apart from the miscellaneous creaks of the planking that lay beneath and above me. Eyes were staring at me, breaking me, intimidating me. Those eyes which belonged to the deranged dolls that accompanied this locus: red dress, blue eyes, blue dress, brown eyes was the sequence that embellished the house. Nothing else stood in my way. But this was all too much to contain.

 Overwhelmed, I set off to the front of the abode, my savior, my only way to escaped this dilapidated whereabouts. Stuttered humming manipulated my senses.Hallucination - Poltergeists - Trances - Freedom.

Pure freedom. Something I never valued was now permanently in my mind; something that was so close yet so far; something unreachable.

On the verge of losing it, a raw hand prised me backward - encasing my neck was a frayed rope. A noose.The end is premature. 

Life is over.