Year 11 Study Skills Day

Year 11 Study Skills Day offered year 11 students the chance to attend workshops which will help them achieve the best GCSE grades.

Students attended sessions on how to organise their time and create revision timetables to best utilise secure and boost sessions as well as independent learning. Other sessions focused on how to use Thinking Maps to organise and structure revision tasks, resources available through Lea Manor's FROG MLE, how to combat examination stress and strategies for exam literacy. 

Feedback from students was incredibly positive with students eager to discuss the sessions: 

"I have enjoyed hearing teachers points of view in a way that they don't normally have time to do as we focus on subject knowledge. Today helped me to understand my teachers and what they are trying to do." Josh

"I really enjoyed the day, particularly about unlocking FROG's full potential in aiding my revision." Niall

"It has been a great day- I've learnt how to deal with stress and I've had time to reflect on the past exams and how I can make the next exams more successful." Deja

"Today has made us realise how close the examinations are and how we can best organise our time." Ebun, Aisha, Emily.

"The day was really useful; we have learnt a lot! For us, the best session was about how to revise from Thinking Maps." Sara and Amber