KS3 and KS4 Science Writing Competition

The Society for Applied Microbiology are promoting a science writing competition. This is a national competition with prizes for the winning school and students!

Students are asked to write a scientific news article on 'how microbes are good for us'. Topics include food and drink, biotechnology and recycling. Entries need to be either 1 x A3 sheet or 2 x A4 sheets of paper. The article needs to include a 'snappy title', an introduction and then a focus on a particular microbe. The entries are judged on their written communication as well as their scientific knowledge and the competition is open to students of all ages.

The deadline for entries is Friday 12th February and all entries need to be submitted to Dr Sewell or your science teacher before this date. For more information, please see Dr Sewell

A few tips for writing your scientific news article: pictures and quotes work great, along with analogies and real life examples.