Looking @ Learning... Year 11 History

Head Girl, Emma Arrindell, gives us an insight into one of her favourite lessons: GCSE History. 

Year 11 students are busy preparing for their final exams.  In one of my favourite subjects, History, the coursework accounts for 25% of the final GCSE grade and this year, the topic is about the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The Troubles refers to a period of 30 years, 1969- 1999, where there was extreme violence in Northern Ireland. This was because Catholics, the minority, faced discrimination and prejudice for many years and then decided to protest for change, which was met with a violent reaction. The Troubles later became about the struggle of whether Northern Ireland remained part of the United Kingdom or became independent. More than 3000 people died over the 30 years and there were terrorist attacks in England and a breakdown of law and order in Ireland. 

The coursework consists of 3 questions about different aspects of the Troubles. Question 1 is awarded 10 marks and we are given 30 minutes to write up; questions 2 and 3 are 20 marks each and students have 1 hour for each question. All questions are prepared in class then typed up under exam conditions, with some notes.

Well done to all of the GCSE History Cohort who have been attending study plus to enhance their learning and further prepare for their Controlled Assessment.