Exciting times in DT

DT has had a fresh look this year. The department is modernising the subject with many new projects being introduced including electronics for KS3 projects and MP3 player technology. The projects are exciting and challenging for the students, they love the different types of circuits and new tools that they are learning to use. We are also encouraging the students to use CAD to design products on the computer. As we know many of the products and objects in today’s world are designed on the computer. Now our students will know and understand the basics of 3D modelling.

Our GCSE classes have grown this year with three 'Resistant Materials' classes and one group in Graphics. This shows the interest in the subject is growing and we look forward to see the exciting and creative ideas the new year 10’s create. 

Current year 11’s have started to make their final project, this has been a very exciting time for them as finally, following all the research and designs, they see their products come to life. They are working extra hard in after school sessions and in lessons to get top marks for their projects.