Thoughts on 'No Pens Day'

Lea Manor supported National 'No Pens Day' today and students will be experiencing a different type of learning experience.

Lessons will focus on language and communication skills, with an emphasis on speaking and listening. It's also expected we will be experiencing singing, acting, mime, and collage.. ! 

Here are a group of Year 7, 8 and 9 students' first reactions to the day ahead...

I’m looking forward to today, we can’t use pens so I will be collaging and speaking.
It will be interesting, communicating through talking and hand gestures
We will communicate through social activity. In PSHE we are talking about feelings and emotions. In English we are acting and inventing our own stories.
I’m not a big talker, I’m quite shy so it will be a challenge but fun.
we can’t use pens or pencils so will talk to each other more, I’m looking forward to it!