Year 8 Peer Mentoring Programme

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of February, 34 Year 8 students attended a two-day training course to become peer mentor anti-smoking advisors.  The students were nominated to join the programme following a survey, completed by the whole of year 8, to find the most influential students in year 8.  

The scheme is run by Luton Borough Council’s public health department and is proven to influence young people in making positive choices around smoking. Two busy days were spent at Putteridge Bury and were filled with interactive activities about smoking and the effects.  
The students will now begin their work in school by sharing their knowledge with their peers.  The public health department will continue to support the students through this process and will also help the school in looking at the impact of this work.

All 34 students engaged positively throughout the two days and the facilitators from the Public Health group commented that they were the best group they had ever delivered to.