Chelsea's Choice Theatre Production

Date: 17 March 2016

Time: 6.30pm (please arrive by 6.25pm)

Location: Lea Manor High School, Northwell Drive, Luton LU3 3TL

‘Chelsea’s Choice’ tells the story of a group of three students who discover the diary of a girl called Chelsea. Chelsea was a young girl who, having fallen out with her friends and family, was approached by a man called Gary. Gary was older, owned a car, had a flat and treated her like an adult. Unfortunately Gary was not what he seemed to be! Chelsea's story is played out and examined by the three students who, along with their teacher, attempt to understand what happened to Chelsea and how it could have been prevented.

We hope you would be interested in attending as this is clearly an important issue that you would want to be aware of. Please respond using the reply slip in the attached letter to book a place.  Reply slips should be handed back to your child’s school.

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