STEM Club Event

On Wednesday 9th March we welcomed representatives from Smallpiece Trust and Selex. They came to deliver a day full of STEM activities to 60 of our year 9 students. 

The day started with a paper tower building activity, in which they had to build the tallest tower out of 10 sheets of paper that could hold a weight. Some teams were extremely close with the winner being decided by just 1cm!

Then they had a talk from the Selex team about the careers that STEM subjects can lead to and talked about their company and what they do.
The students then had the chance to become Engineers with the big challenge...

They had four tasks, first they made a speaker using magnets, coil and foam plates. They then had to listen to a secret message which needed to be decoded. After this they used the secret code to log into the computer and use a endoscope to see the next clue. The day ended with groups of students having to deactivate a 'bomb' using a mechanical arm of 1.8 meters which they had been tasked to build.  The tension was palpable as each team worked against the clock before a buzzer sounded to signify time was up!

Team 7 won the day with the best team work and deactivating the bomb with 28secs to spare. 
Lea Manor high school would like to thank Selex and Smallpiece trust for leading the day and believe this has had a positive affect on the students that attended.