Year 10 and Year 11 Poland Trip

This Easter holiday we had the opportunity to take 26 students to visit a landmark in history-Auschwitz in Poland.

We had four days full of historical experiences ranging from a visit to a Salt Mine where students had an opportunity to lick the walls made of salt (not many took up this offer) to the more thought provoking visits to the Schindler factory.

The main purpose of our trip was to visit Auschwitz; this was our final stop on the trip to Poland. Students were taken through the history of Jewish and other minority groups persecution under the Nazi regime. We walked through the camps and the students began to piece together the history they have learnt in school with the place in which they were standing. It was a challenging experience for us all and one we will not forget.

Our journey home was full of conversation about our time in Poland. The students and staff had a fantastic and informative time. We were very proud of the students' attitude and enthusiasm, and as a result it will be a trip we will be sure to repeat!