KS3 Trip to France

At Lea Manor our annual school trips provide students with spiritual, psychological and social growth. They are a great opportunity to learn, socialise with peers and also have a fun time in a new and enriching environment!

On Sunday, 3rd March, seven Lea Manor teachers and KS3 students set off on the school’s annual trip to Paris. The trip included wonderful accommodation, excellent cuisine and an opportunity to explore Paris's main attractions, including Disneyland.

Students visited Art galleries during the visit and this provided an interesting backdrop. The arts help students to identify elements which are integral to a meaningful life. When students see an art work for the first rime they are able to learn about the context, the artist and the theme and form a personal opinion based on these factors. This is a skill which transfers well into all aspects of life. 

Many of our students demonstrated real resilience when, away from their families for the first time, they experienced home sickness. Although they instinctively felt like retreating, they persevered resulting in a joyous adventure. Resilience is a learned behaviour, it is not an innate character asset. It is only by stepping out of our comfort zones that we can experience real psychological growth. 

The camaraderie within the group was genuinely heartwarming. Our students had the time and space to interact in a meaningful way. This is important not just for developing social skills, but also in the formation of the child’s self-concept of how they fit into the social world. The acquisition of self- knowledge results in the making of decisions that are in harmony with their highest aspirations, hopes and dreams. 

Mr Evan Ward