Shakespeare Live Trip

On Saturday the 23rd of April, a group of students had the amazing experience of travelling to Stratford Upon Avon to watch live productions of various pivotal scenes from Shakespeare's most famous pieces of work. 

Alicja, a year 10 student who joined the Drama team on the marvellous trip, told us more:

We travelled to 'Shakespeare Live', which was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, in Stratford upon Avon. This was something I enjoyed and an opportunity not to miss out on, as I was able to to Shakespeare's hometown and where he grew up. 

We saw how people dressed, what school life would have been like and how they behaved and spoke in the Elizabethan era. During the day there were many activities to get involved in such as workshops, face painting and dancing. 

When we finally went into the theatre, we saw different scenes from Shakespeare's plays including A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth and the iconic Romeo and Juliet balcony scene! 

This trip was amazing as I learnt how different life was during Shakespeare's lifetime as well as seeing some fantastic acting!

Alicja Year 10