Year 11 Maths Secure and Boost sessions

On the 26th, 27th and 28th April,  Year 11 students were involved in an intensive GCSE mathematics secure and boost session to help them prepare for their upcoming exams.  

The sessions were led by members of the mathematics department and activities included teaching of key topics, a treasure hunt and a revision relay race.  

The students were engaged throughout the day and feedback from those involved was very positive; they enjoyed the day and felt more confident about their exams subsequent to the sessions. 

"Very good revision day. I feel very confident ahead of my exam."

"It was a good day and I now feel more confident about passing my maths exam."

"I really liked it and honestly, I have learnt a lot and had fun along the way. Thank you!"

"Today was fantastic and in now 100% sure I will do well in my exams because we covered most of the topics I didn't understand."

The mathematics department wishes all year 11 students the best of luck in their GCSE maths exams which are on Thursday 26th May 2016 and Thursday 9th June 2016.