Year 7 English: Poetry Competition

The Poetry Trials

To inspire our young people to be creative and to write poetry in English lessons, we have participated in The 2016 Poetry Trials.  This year, over seventy of our KS3 and KS4 students have entered the Young Writers Poetry Challenge.  This is a fun and fabulous National competition, with amazing prizes both for the school and individual poets.  The winning entrant will be invited to make a video for the Poetry Trials final and could receive an awesome Apple bundle. 

Already, the English department have received some phenomenal entries (see below) however it is not too late to enter! See your English teacher for extra information and to submit your entry. 


  • Poems can be up to 30 lines
  • Poems must be students' own work
  • Poems can be on any theme or topic and in any chosen style
  • Poems can be handwritten or typed on A4
  • Submissions must include an entry form (see your English teacher)

Good luck to all entrants!

Kareena– Year 11
The Oxymorons

Dangerous beauty,
Hidden in plain sight
Sleepless demon
Walking at the speed of light.

Handsome horror,
Perfect nightmare.
Endless patience
Staring into the bright night air.

Alone in each other’s presence
A burning desire
Sweeter than lemonade
Two smoking liars.

A fizzing, ticking bathbomb
Clock of regret.
They loved but couldn’t laugh
Now they will forgive but never forget.

Lucy- Year 8

Football Days

Many people ask
Why football is so hated?
When they say that I cry,
‘Other sports are over-rated!’
I watch League 1, sometimes 2.
Joy rushes right through me,
When I go, it’s like a zoo.
Football means a lot to me you see,
Kicking the ball in the goal.
As swift as a dove
It deepens my soul,
Football is the thing I love.
MK Dons are the best team
When they play, they make me gleam.