Lea Manor performs at Stratford upon Avon!


The Playmaking Festival is a two week celebration of A Midsummer Night's Dream featuring performances by over 1,500 young people from more than 50 schools.

Lea Manor students applied to be part of the event which celebrates 400 years of Shakespeare. 

The Drama department initially provided a brief to the selection board explaining the idea behind their performance:

To present a contemporary version of the play where the characters are refugees at the UK border.

Characters situations are to be explored partially in reality whilst also hopping in and out of the world of the fairies.

The group were very excited to hear they had been selected by the panel and now look forward to performing the piece along with other successful schools. 

The date of our performance is Tuesday 28 June, watch this space for photographs of the event!

See more information about the festival by following the link below: