News on our tree planting..

We are delighted to say that Mr. Gould received this letter today, a very generous response and a worthy sentiment. The tree will be planted to commemorate the Anne Frank declaration as part of 'Love and Tolerance' week 11-16 July (see )

Dear Mr Gould,

Thank you and the children for the letter and pictures that arrived today. Fantastic to see all those signatures!

We also appreciate the values stated in your letter and relish the thought of a peaceful, loving world.

The Horse Chestnut tree that Anne Frank wrote about in fact, sadly, has deceased. Currently, there are a number of problems with Horse Chestnut in UK andthese diseases have meant a temporary stop on planting them. I am Dutch and know well the area where Anne Frank lived. She would have seen a number of Lime trees in the vicinity of her house so I propose that we plant a 3m containerised European Lime (Tilia europea).

We’re happy to help and look forward to planting a Lime at the Lea Manor High School for you – example below.

Best regards,

Hugo (MD Heritage Tree Services)


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