Raising awareness for Motor Neurone Disease Association

A group of intrepid year 8 students that took part in the sponsored silence lasted the whole school day (8:50-3 including break times) in order to raise money and awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.

Ann Murphy visited from the Luton and South Bedfordshire branch during their tutor time in order to explore the disease and impact it has on sufferers and their loved ones. Ann's husband died from MND and she spoke of her experience and all her work in the local area for people who are living with the disease. After Ann's motivational and truly inspirational talk, all of the students were really encouraged to challenge themselves. Whilst some found it extremely challenging, it was fantastic to see them persevering until the end of the day and using different means to communicate with each other.

Congratulations to the students from 8A in completing their sponsored silence.