Love and Tolerance.. Art meets Science!

Students considered the links between Art and Science as part of Love and Tolerance week.. two very different subject areas, yet with much in common! 

Students in both subject areas are creating pieces which will go on to become part of the Science heart space. The combined outcomes will become a beautiful yet informative series of pieces, and a learning reference for all year groups.

The space is currently very clean and simple, an open area with very white walls .. so the groups considered colour and form, referencing some ground breaking images of cells, viruses, micro photography at its best!

Below are a few of the images the group considered..

Students in Miss McNutt and Mr. Kelly's Art groups worked using acrylic paint, inks and pencils to build up the layers of colour and detail based on one cell image seen through a viewfinder. 

The final results are beautiful.. watch this space to see how the Science Department evolves!