The Lea Manor Referendum: the UK in the European Union

Students at Lea Manor High School experienced the democratic voting process this half term and took part in their own referendum on the UK's position in the European Union. After assemblies which explored the issues of the European Union and the arguments for or against potential 'Brexit', students arrived at school to cast their vote.

Many students volunteered to support the voting process by aiding their fellow students in registering to vote and offering support where required to complete the form. After the vote, students also helped to count and finalise the Lea Manor referendum result: 

  • 69.3% wanted to remain in EU
  • 30.7% wanted to leave the EU

Whilst not in line with the national vote, it gave our students the opportunity to consider important issues which will ultimately impact on their future. 

Many thanks to all of the fantastic students who supported in the organisation of the event and to all those who cast their vote.