Ready Respectful Safe

The new term at Lea Manor has seen staff and students return with enthusiasm and excitement to see important changes regarding school conduct, learning behaviours and relationships.

The school rules and routines have been stripped back to focus on three key aspects:


Ready: All staff and students are ready, arriving on time, fully equipped and eager to learn


Respectful: All staff and students are respectful in their actions and dialogue with each other


Safe: All staff and students ensure that they work as a team to create and maintain a safe learning environment


Excellent achievement, progress, effort and conduct is ackowledged. Students are issued instant reward cards in lessons, form time and break times if they are perceived to be going 'above and beyond' in terms of effort, attitude or attainment. This includes demonstrating a helpful approach, good teamwork, independent learning or a consistently positive attitude.

In addition, continued excellence is rewarded by postcards and phone calls home to celebrate and recognise student achievement and progress.