Ready Respectful Safe at Lea Manor..

Recognition boards are appearing around school.. and every lesson students are being recognised for achievement, effort and contributions to lessons.

Lea Manor will be announcing high achievers and students achieving recognition for being Ready, Respectful and Safe as part of their school day.

Below is the table for high achievers from the Spring Term, congratulations to all listed students.

Student names highlighted in yellow have appeared on the table more than once. We look forward to seeing many more highlighted names!

Keep an eye on the website for further details..

After Half term there will be a new set of Instant Recognition cards and postcards to collect. These are either given direct to students or posted home and they are a record for the student to keep.


Teachers give 'Instant Recognition' cards to students at any time throughout the school day, and after school staff are telephoning parents with positive news on success and good behaviour.

So.. keep up the good effort and keep an eye on the postbox!