Anti-Bullying Champions Training!

On Saturday 18th March forty students from across all year groups came to school to take part in the first training session for our new Anti-Bullying Champions.  All students were there because they want to make a difference to their school community and support those who are either being bullied or experiencing a difficult time.

The training was led by Mr Gould and he was ably supported by Mr Gregory and a number of Year 11 prefects.  The training session looked what bullying was, the types of bullying, the school’s anti-bullying policy and what the group can do to support and help members of the school community.

Anti-bullying champions looked at the importance of listening and how your use of language and body language will show someone you are taking them seriously and are here to support them.  The group discussed what the 7 features of an outstanding anti-bullying champion should be and they drew up a list of dos and don’ts when supporting another student.  All attendees were given a copy of the anti-bullying policy and a child friendly version to study and get to know.

Finally, we discussed what we want to do in the future to help support others.  Ideas which will be put into place between now and the end of the summer term include:

·       Regular meetings to monitor progress and coordinate the team’s work

·       Making an anti-bullying film

·       Organise and deliver an anti-bullying and kindness day

·       Organise peer mediation and support training for the anti-bullying champions

·       Deliver anti-bullying assemblies to their year group

·       Speak to their form on a weekly basis about kindness and how to get support/help

·       Have an involvement in this summer’s Love and Tolerance week

·       Organise two quiet rooms for students needing support and quiet during lunch times

·       Develop a student referral form that anti-bullying champions fill in and pass to their senior tutor

Everyone who attended was completely committed to supporting others and ensuring that everyone feels part of the Lea Manor community, cared for and safe.  It was a positive and life affirming three and a half hours which demonstrated the amazing young people we have at Lea Manor.

Our next meeting will be in the first week of the summer term.  If you would like to contribute to this group please contact Mr Gould through his email at  We are very happy to hear from parents and members of our local community who would like to join us.

For more information and advice about bullying, including our policies please follow the safeguarding links where you will find the anti-bullying page