Lea Manor prepares to welcome Year 6 students!

Current Year 7 remember their transition to Lea Manor in 2016...

As we prepare for the upcoming events to welcome our new cohort of Year 6 students, we invited a selection of our current Year 7 to reflect on the memories of their transition day in 2016.

The day was full of activities as students visited each department, met staff and students and immersed themselves in the Lea Manor experience. Here are some of the photos and comments from our students as they looked back...

If you are the parent or carer for a Year 6 student who will be joining us next year please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have using the contact form.

Download the Year 6 transition booklet for 2017 here

These are photographs of students a year on with their primary schools and memories listed below:

Amy (Bramingham) 'We went to meet our form tutors and found out about the other members of our form groups.'
Ryan (Bramingham) 'I really loved the sports day event.'
Jack (Whitefields) 'I enjoyed the transition event because all the staff were helpful and the students were really friendly.'
Alanna (Warden Hill) 'I enjoyed Lea Manor transition day because they showed us the Maths and English topics we would be learning in Year 7.'
Bethany (Bramingham) 'On one of the transition days, we went into the drama studio and played lots of drama games involving different roles, actions and speeds.'
Oliwia (Norton Road) 'On transition day, I was in the PE department; it was great fun doing so many sports.'
Olivia (Pirton Hill) 'I was nervous on the first transition day, but it just got better and better!'
Abel (The Meads) 'I enjoyed my transition days at Lea Manor because we played football'
Kayleigh (Bramingham) 'We went to taster lessons and met some of our teachers, I really enjoyed it.'
Ryan (The Meads) 'The sports day was really great fun.'
Keown (Leagrave) 'The competitions were the best.'
Antonio (Icknield) 'I enjoyed Transition Day because of Sports Day, I won a medal!'
Luke (Bramingham) ' I enjoyed Sports Day'
Hermione (Whitefields) 'We were taken on a tour of the whole school.'
Erin (Bramingham) 'We met our form tutors and the rest of our form group.'