Congratulations on Results Day

The staff and governors are exceptionally proud of the achievements of all our young people. Their hard work and determination to succeed has been rewarded with many of them exceeding their targets.

Amanda Simpson Headteacher said, “It was delightful to watch the students opening their results together with the staff who have guided and supported them to such success. Our congratulations go to all of our students and their families, as we are sure they will be equally as proud of them.

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding achievement of Nimra Kauser who made six levels of progress in English between KS2 and KS4 and gained 10 GCSE qualifications with 7 strong passes and 3 good passes and Anisah Khan who achieved grade 9s in English language, English literature and mathematics! In addition, she gained 7 more GCSEs at the top grades of A* and A.


We wish all our students every success for the future